ARKE Messenger is a professional financial chat platform. Created by its founders to bridge a gap they had long experienced within other existing messengers in the field, ARKE introduces never-before-seen features. Its unique interface differentiates crucial exchanged information, automatically tagging and pooling it to make it more accessible. Fluid, innovative and efficient, ARKE Messenger does the legwork for you, while you simply chat.

Communicate more efficiently.

Our Trade, Order and Market (T.O.M.) tagging system
categorizes the information you
send based on its value. Each type of strategy produces an
individual sound, and is visually differentiated from your
regular messages. This allows you to immediately zero
in on the Trade, Order or Market in your conversations.

Once a Trade, Order or Market is tagged, it is instantly
transferred to all affiliated Pools, a strategy-
centralization feature.

Keep track of all the strategies you send or receive.

A Pool is a separate window which groups all its members'
exchanged T.O.M.s in isolation. These become exclusively
accessible to the Pool’s Contributors, as well as the Viewers they
choose to invite.

As a Contributor to a Pool, all Trades, Orders and Markets you
send within any conversation will automatically be transferred to
that specific Pool. An invitation to be a Viewer of a Pool however
only allows you to view the information being streamed to it.

Within a Pool, the transferred data is parsed into sortable categories.
These include the type of strategy and name, the strategy levels, its
contributor, as well as the message time stamp. The information is grouped
by type of strategy, where the most recent transfer of each is displayed at
the top. Collapsing it enables the viewing of all same-day strategies,
while a historical archive provides access to previous dates.

Pooling ultimately provides you with facilitated access to the information
that counts, narrowing down your search for particular data.

Never overlook the best available market again.

Should the same strategy exist in more than one Pool, your
Consolidated Pool will group them, analyze them and highlight
the best bid and offer amongst them. This allows you to keep track of
the best available strategies and their constantly updated
comparison in real-time.

Bids and offers are chronicled, with the name of the sender
always visible, and all the information conveniently sortable
by categories. Should you only be interested in certain Pools,
you also have the option of customizing your Consolidated Pools.

This feature allows you to make faster and more informed
decisions by automatically providing you with a constant
comparative report of the leading strategies.

Fulfilling compliance requirements is made easy through an entirely transparent interface.

ARKE Messenger is committed to providing an ethical platform for individuals to engage in fair
and honest trading. Your instant messages are closely and efficiently monitored by authorized
compliance officers. These professionals are able to oversee chosen conversations in real-time,
reserving the right to restrict access, disable accounts or simply flag any discussion deemed
suspect. ARKE Messenger’s Compliance tool also enables administrators to manage multi-party
chat room participation, allowing them to forbid conversations between more than two institutions.


ARKE Messenger brings together a diverse community of industry professionals. Use our Smart Search to find correspondents ranging from current colleagues to potential collaborators. This feature also allows you to search for keywords within chats and strategies, with the option of utilizing the Expand feature to narrow down your query to Trades, Orders or Markets within a defined time period.
Broadcast a message to deliver it to many contacts at once, without revealing the recipients to one another. Each one then has the option to respond to you individually.
Creating a Group allows you to send collective messages about a chosen topic to a list of contacts. Sending a message to a Group will send it to all recipients in the list. Set a Group you communicate with frequently to Permanent to avoid having to recreate it every time.
Create a Permanent List to preserve a saved directory of chosen contacts. This facilitates access to recipients you speak to often, saving you from searching for them and reselecting them every
time you want to reach them.


  • Aggregate and consolidate all markets sent out to the IDB

  • Improve the exchange and tracking of markets between Sales and Trading desks

  • Transparency to heads of businesses allowing them to seamlessly monitor and summarize all the markets made by their desks

  • Performance management of desks in real-time and over any period of time. This is achieved by calculating a hit ratio number that represents the total number of strategies traded over the total number of strategies quoted

  • Internal Data Protection System. Arke Messenger routes automatically and seamlessly all the messages between employees of the same institution through the institution's internal servers exclusively.


  • More efficient communication between Traders and Brokers through their respective Pools. Brokers and Traders have access to all markets they send or receive as well as their evolution throughout the day

  • Increase of time efficiency of traders and sales through the segregation of the information that counts: no more wasted time in search for prices and markets

  • No more mistrades: Easy access to optimal trading prices using the consolidated pools that provide the right information for decision making. Consolidated Pools display the best bid and best offer of each strategy in real-time and highlights the last traded price, minimizing the risk of trading on non-optimal levels

  • No more mispricing: Easy access to the history of markets and the price evolution of strategies allows for a better and more accurate pricing

  • Organize and structure information exchange between Sales desks and their Buy Side clients. Arke provides access to recaps and history of all quoted strategies in a normalized view

  • Strengthen compliance with an option for administrators to block multi-institutional conversations as appropriate

Simply click on one of two "DOWNLOAD ARKE" buttons located in the Menu toolbar or at the bottom of this page. The ARKE Messenger download and installation process will launch automatically, and the files will be installed in your "Program Files" folder by default.

Once you have downloaded the application, register for an account by clicking on “Create Profile” when prompted to log in. Then simply fill in a registration form to join the community!
You may contact ARKE Messenger’s support team from within the application itself, by clicking on "Contact Support" located in the top-right corner. This will direct you to a live chat with one of our support team representatives.
How Do I Send a Trade, Order or Market?
The three boxes marked “T”, “O” and “M” to the left of the chat box represent a Trade, an Order and a Market respectively. You can assign one of these specific tags to a message. Simply click on one, write out the name of your strategy, and fill in the boxes with a bid and/or an offer.
How Do I Delete or Modify A Trade, Order or Market that I’ve Already Sent?
Each Trade, Order or Market is characterized by a specific tag. In order to modify or remove this tag, right-clicking on it will provide you with the options to do so.
Will People Be Notified Of Deleted/Modified Markets?
Once a market has been deleted or modified, a notification will appear within the chat as well in the Pool logs to notify the user of the changes that took place.
What Is A Pool?
A Pool is a separate window where same-day Trades, Orders and Markets are grouped and stored. You can create a Pool and invite Contributors and/or Viewers to it. Any Trade, Order or Market sent by a Contributor within any chat will be shown in your Pool, as well as all other Pools they are Contributors to. Viewers will however only be allowed to view data in a Pool.

After accepting your invitation, Contributors and Viewers instantly gain access to data sent that same day. As a Contributor, you can choose to add or remove people from your Pool.
What Is A Consolidated Pool?
A Consolidated Pool gathers data from more than one Pool in one place. This allows you to keep track of all market strategies being sent from different sources, should the same strategy exist in more than one Pool. A Consolidated Pool will fetch these strategies, analyze them and display the best bid and offer amongst them.
Where Can I See A List of the Contributors And/or Viewers Of A Pool or Chat?
A list of all participants is available in the Edit menu of each Pool or Chat. You may also specify your role in a Pool using the different icons displayed in the pools' panel.
What Is A Broadcast?
You can use a Broadcast to deliver the same message to more than one contact at the same time.
How Do I Extract Market Data From The System?
You are allowed to extract data from ARKE Messenger to CSV files for any selected day since three months. The extract button is accessible from the pool or consolidated pool window.
What Are the Logs at the Bottom of Each Pool/Consolidated Pool?
The logs at the bottom of each Pool/Consolidated Pool show all activities taking place in the chat window, such as sending, modifying or deleting Trades, Orders or Markets. It helps you keep track of activities that do no affect the current display of the Pool. These include strategies with the worst bid and offer, or simply duplicated strategies. Users are not able to edit these logs.
How Do I Start A Conversation With Another User?
To initiate a conversation with another user, you can search for their name using the search bar. Start the conversation by hitting the “Start Chat” button. You can alternatively use the “Add” buttons in the “Chat” or “Permanent” panels to create a conversation and add one or more users.
What Is A Group Chat?
There are two different types of Group Chats available in ARKE Messenger: Multi-chat and Group-chat. A Multi-chat is similar to a one-on-one chat, but with more than two users and the option of being temporary or permanent. On the other hand, a Group-chat is a permanent chat with a specific topic, managed by one or more administrators who reserve the right to invite or remove users.
How Can I Block A User?
Blocking users can be achieved in one of two ways; either by adding users to the Block List under the “Manage Profile” tab, or by using the “Block” button available in the ribbon at the top of each one-on-one chat.
How Can I Manage And Customize My Profile?
You can manage your profile using “Manage Profile” to the left of your profile picture. This tab allows you to:
- Modify your status from online, to busy or appear offline.
- Access and edit your personal information such as your profession, contact numbers and company disclaimer.
- Verify if there are any other active sessions running from your account, with the ability to instantly stop them.
- Check your Block List.
- Format your Messenger by customizing aspects such as font size and volumes.
How Long Will Chats Be Available In The History?
Your chat history can be accessed by clicking on “Load History” located at the top of your chat window, where you can scroll up to a specific date. In your Pools or Consolidated Pools, chat history is accessed by selecting a date from the drop-down calendar located at the top of either window.

ARKE Messenger stores up to three months of your chat history. If you need a conversation or data from a chat dating back to more than three months, you will have to contact our support team.
Will I Receive Messages When Offline?
You are notified of unseen messages in your History, where you simply scroll up to read them.
Is ARKE Messenger Compatible with my Operating System?
ARKE Messenger is now only available on Windows Platforms. It is fully compatible with Windows 7 and later versions of Windows.
How Do I Update ARKE Messenger Software?
ARKE Messenger will automatically check for and install updates every time it is initialized
Can I Log in from Two Different Locations at the Same Time?
Yes! ARKE users may log in and use the same account concurrently from different places.
  • For compliance and regulations requirements, Arke Messenger offers the flexibility of archiving all logs and attachments through different APIs and in various formats (eml, xml, etc.)
  • Seamless archiving with Global Relay and Vantage of Actiance
  • Arke Messenger team will work closely with any third party archiving partner for a quick integration.
Comprehensive compliance features
  • Compliance officers monitor chat groups and have access to detailed logs

  • User creation and management actions are verified and approved by both the compliance officer and the ARKE Messenger administrators

  • Compliance officers may restrict participants from entering into group discussions with participants from more than two institutions

  • Compliance officers may switch on text-only messaging for particular users to prevent the exchange of files and prevent malware

  • ARKE Messenger’s API and export capabilities allows integrating third-party archiving solutions

  • Automatic filters allow scanning messages and preventing policy breaches by alerting the compliance officer

  • Automatic filters maintained by Arke Messenger administrators block the use of politically incorrect words

  • Compliance officers may configure automatic disclaimers

ARKE Messenger is designed to provide state-of-the art security

  • Strong password requirements

  • Account lock-out after 3 invalid logins

  • End-to-end encryption, 256 bits SSL strength

  • No message storage on the user’s machine

  • Optional IP white-listing and black-listing allows
    to control access to the software

Data Security and Reliability
  • Regular security audits and penetration testing, as well as real-time updates ensure protection against the latest threats

  • A highly available infrastructure, scaled and distributed among multiple datacenters avoids any downtime

  • Detailed, yet simple information security policies are followed by ARKE Messenger’s staff. All employees read and sign policies relevant to their work

  • Smart intrusion and abuse scanners allow ARKE’s administrators to act proactively and prevent threats

  • A multi-tier architecture isolates application and data storage components of the application. Each data access or modification request is executed after a security context verification

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